ToxML: A Data Exchange Standard for Toxicology

ToxML is an open data exchange standard that allows the representation and communication of toxicological and related data in a well-structured electronic format.

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Specification Editor

The ToxML Specification Editor is an online collaborative tool for defining, extending and promoting understanding of the ToxML toxicity data format standard.

The purpose of the editor is to provide a viewable and definitive reference to the current specification, to facilitate contributions from the toxicology community, including new study types as well as extensions to currently existing ones, and to encourage discussions about the specification.

The current release and upcoming working draft are available from this website.

The ToxML Standards Organisation

The standard is maintained by a curation team overseen by the ToxML Standards Organisation (TSO) which is not for profit organisation.

Editor Registration

If you would like to use the current version of the Specification Editor please contact us to request a username and password.